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What a Ride:

Mountain top wedding at its best.

Livingston look out. What a ride indeed. What a rush for that matter

This was by far to date my most adventurous wedding prep experience...

the day started looking a little like this

pretty chill pretty serene

Yes I really know how to dress for the occasion....

prepped her hair in loose French braids to go under her helmet in hopes it would be me a textured base to work with when she took her it off at the top of the lookout

And we’re off...

Probably never get a chance to get see views like this via quad again...

There were parts where i absolutely could NOT look down. Just keep quad-ing just keep quad-ing

The bride in call her dirt biking glory. a bit of work to do

quite literally “ helme

It became such a hilarious scene, as one by one we all took the hemuts off and began laughing at each other’s various levels of filth

Bobby pins in my back pocket, I began to work ( play really)

ahh the stillness

This is it

the top if Livingston look out. we were so lucky the ranger was onsite and got some great stories and information on his life up top an the area from him.

There was no room for error out on the ledge....

so lucky to have more of a gentle breeze than strong winds. Not to sure how long a person would want to stand around on a windy day...

The view......

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