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Steam punk in the snow

Ok so some of what I know of this day to be…

Sunny yet windy AF

Exilerating yet cold

Daring yet satisfying

Spontaneous yet effortless

Still winter yet spring

When I get messages from friends that go something like “ hey would you like to…” there’s usually a loud yes before I hear what I’ve actually got myself into

So when @Michellegierphotography asked if I wanted to have an afternoon play date of course I said yes

It started with this outfit. She has a friend who made it and wanted to showcase it somehow…her friend was gracious enough to lend it to her before it was even fully assembled.

So we carefully tucked and pinned and blended with an assortments of chains and bobbles

My jewelry hoarding comes in handy :)

Our model who’s been a client mine since she was a toddle, now a university student in Ontario happened to be home on term break, and she too was gracious enough to extend her hair appointment into an impromptu photoshoot …off we went to the river banks a mere four minute drive from my studio


I usually find the shoulder seasons in Alberta quite dreary, ugly even, I’m mostly complaining about being cold and wanting to move. I will give thanks tho to the beautiful pastel golden hues and the sunny skies that complimented the look and was a perfect backdrop

The industrial nature of steampunk with the old abandoned railroad bridge ( insert giggles of grown ass adults totally trespassing) just worked and it’s not something my eye would have gravitated to or noticed.and thought to shoot there

Thank you Michelle

I love this woman for her adventure and tenacity. She know no boundaries of nooks and crannies in the outdoors to capture an image

Thanks as always for the group effort of days like this




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