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Unleashing Floral Flair: editorial hair

This editorial shoot first came to be while admiring an exotic bouqet of flowers sitting on a table.

my table my flowers an anniversary gift from my guy

the feeling of these flowers being ephemeral didn’t sit right - and so came the thinking

what could I do to honour ( for lack of a better word) this this beautiful gift and showcase in my own way before they go in the trash?

you know one last hoorah....

put them In Hair of course. so on a whim, put together a new creation out of a vase of flowers on their last breath,

Some wire, glue, and imagination & my flower crown and pieces came to life

As for the model, it was a no- brainer

my daughter who’s favourite hobby is doing make up, and happened to have time on her hands as I, agreed to play around

I get such a kick out of seeing young women take over and use their confidence and youthful imagination to do their own thing.

I mostly sat back and enjoyed watching these two come up with how the photo shoot would play out: from wardrobe to location to posing and backdrop sequence, they nailed it together.

BHS: what a typical day in the life looks like...

no leaf or stem was left unturned. A last minute idea i had in attempt to leave no leaf feeling left out. the photographer had full reign and just started filling the set around her face until looked right.

Not to mention, these two young ladies are both under the age 20.

For me, seeing another artist get into a groove and play around with no pressure or expectations is so divine! Matea just got more and more relaxed with posing Mya and it lended itself to some really fun as well funny moments.

I have yet to see any othe finished images but I can’t wait to show off the rest once they are done...stay tuned

So this is typical of my kid: one of her greatest achievements amd sources of entertainment is getting her mom to freak the eff out by playing dead. This would be a typical Sunday movie night scene...

I’d look over and she’d be in this stage knowing it would set me off. some things never get old.

can’t thank enough

@mya.watts - model/make: up

@tea_xphotography - photographer


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