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Consultation// “the act or process of formally discussing with an expert or professional to seek out advice”

Consultations are really important to me

while there’s no need for formality ( see above) you are free to come as you are,

I do not take for granted all that I hold in my hands when doing the work I do on clients.

You sit in my chair and place your trust in me and my hair abilities

for so long I’ve seen in the beauty industry the all too rushed mentality and cookie cutter styling. The value being placed on time restraints seeing as many clients in a day as possible

or doing what everybody else is doing, rather than individual care and attention investing time & the needs of your client.

you bet I can create the latest and greatest of whats perceived as the big popular trend, but it’s only as good as its canvas. Not to mention being so superficial and fleeting.

The canvas happens to be a human being

A consultation for me is where I get to take into consideration the hair type texture health needs lifestyle abilities of each individual person sitting in my chair.

sometimes CONSULTATION includes intimate conversations that, if not given time to hear or understand, nuances of what a client is really looking for gets missed.

there is great energy in that.

having my own space has given me more balance to achieve this

being more aligned and creative with how I want to work, and to give more attention to my clients. A space that embodies not just my love of hairstyling but making my guests feel comfortable and listened to

think of it as a hub to come and have your time and needs be priority, all while sitting in a calm comfortable space sipping tea

leaving with a kick ass hairstyle is the icing... dam I love icing

maybe I’ll serve icing?

So as Ive settled into the new space and focused on how I want to work and how I want my clients to feel, rest assured a proper consultation will be part of your time well spent..

See you soon.


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