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SWEET SIXTEEN: innocence & independence

a juxtaposition between innocence and independence

this is the only image I have so far from one of last weeks birthday shoots.

Wondering how to celebrate a birthday milestone ( or any milestone for that matter)

in style?

here’s a glimpse of possibilities

not only do you get to celebrate the day and make for a unique and memorable experience, you’re creating a time capsule of epic proportions. I love being able to take part in helping create these moments.

there is always so much joy and laughter on set, it’s seriously contagious

Vanessa Medorann and I genuinely get as much as we give to our clients. It gets goofy. It gets intimate. It feeds everyone’s soul

this is what last weeks sweet 16 birthday styled shoot looked like for us....

Elle, was simply was the sweetest. Her whole family was there and went all out with Decorating the studio and setting up this scrumptious spread for her arrival

She knew what she wanted, brought her own outfits and some props, but was also willing to really step outside the proverbial box and let our imaginations fly...

like that parachute dress - come on!

Walking into to this feast for the eyes and tummy kept our energy levels up :)

curl some hair eat some chocolate curl some hair eat some chocolate

we shot for three hours, playing around with two different looks and some props before heading outdoors for that epic parachute dress scene

great afternoon great people and a helluva birthday experience if I do say so..

love and thanks to:


-for orchestrating everything and her brilliant eye


-for her make up talent, working side by side with me, and I with her

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