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Reveal Yourself

Sharing a photo taken by someone who makes me feel uplifted powerful vulnerable

Awkward uncomfortable insubordinate

Yes I know it’s hard to believe all those feelings/ behaviours describe me during this shoot?

i know right

But the bigger picture ( no pun intended ) is that these photos were taken in the weirdest of times and for a project that would normally Involve getting together with other artists in an intimate setting, touching hair faces bodies.

so it emerged that when you want to be creative but need to do so with social distancing orders in place ,that is when it gets real juicy

project COVIDOLL begins

No easy task mind you,

you have your photographer/ creative director for project ( more on that later) drop off costumes on the doorstep you then get your daughter to do your makeup hair is created by moi, and then you have your guy turn himself into Annie Lebowitz, take pictures of you in the living room and studio aka spare room ( more on that later)

he then edits and sends to actual photographer for her to create

thank you so much @medorann_finephotography

( again, more on that later )

and so we figured it out - working together -separately

and for that I thank you,



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