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Pomade The Way?

Need help demystifying hair styling products ?

well for starters - there’s your hair gel hair mousse hair pomade hair clay hair cream hair wax you know, to name a few

Gel is usually the first go to styling product and it most define has its place, but there’s other options bashed on your needs of your style

hair clay:

moldable matte finish

product best for short to medium lengths

creates structure in textured cuts

hair creams:

good for most every hairstyle, length and cut

has the consistency of a lotion with benefits of a moisturizer

usually has minimal hold but adds a little oomph without much of a feeling of product in the hair

especially beneficial to curly hair as it almost always needs a little more moisture and talc oven even the curls are meant to be left au naturale

hair fibre:

best for short-to medium fine or thin hair

adds texture and density. Gives fullness to otherwise wimpy hair

Offers a natural shine without greasy looking

pliable product that heats up with warmth of fingers/hands for a versatile style. This also is good for people who run their hands through their hair throughout the day.

hair players you know who you are


Also known as waxes in some circles

most hair lengths and textures wanting high shine high definition and can be layered for extra detailing-

Gives curl great definition and separation without disturbing tendrils

sleek slick back styles - think James Dean pompadour and how perfectly slick those sides were

great for keeping baby hairs or runaways that stick up in place

well hope that sheds light in the pomade vs clay department

choose wisely my friends, and in the meantime I’m a call away


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