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Pinup Perfection:

Updated: Jan 25, 2021

Rebelliousness meets full on glamour

50’s hair trends play an important part in pop culture..speaking of pop,

who else misses those old classic coke bottles

Most anyone who know me, knows my fondness of vintage

whether it’s style, a pices of art. Fabrics from eras gone by, or my most treasured - recreating & styling retro themed hair.

so when asked to do hair for a rockabilly pin-up girl themed shoot for a local designer, I didn’t hesitate

her designs are flawless yet whimsical amd the setting for this shoot brought it all together

my model was the perfect canvas as her long hair, curvy shape and Alabaster skin mimicked that of 40’s & 50’s old Hollywood glamour women of that era. think Lana Turner, Rita Hayworth, Gene Tierney

Being able to support local designers is not only good for my soul, bit also happens to be the sweetest rockabilly style..

classic roller set with setting lotions and gels were an essential part of styling hair then.

although I had the ability to use my hot tools a faster alternative, the shape and format can still be replicated using modern tools

what was great about this style is that the sectioning allowed for me to change the shape , let her hair down during outfit changes, for a casual take while keeping all the detail and volume in front

The classic victory rolls epitomizes the glamorous days of 40’s throwback with an added element and feel of classic rock n roll we have taken and transformed from the 50’s.

Back in the day, women went to great efforts to keep a stylish and well groomed appearance even doing household chores

this genre of style is sugh a classic unique breed of fashion and style.

from a technical stand point I love the detail and precision it takes to execute this

it’s very a sculptural way wear your hair.

coiffed. Sculpted. Soft. Feminine

Thank to everyone involved:

Hair: moi @hairbrained98

model: @skrilzmau5 designer @designsby,isscherry

make up @Bellamorebeauty

Photographer: @dougwong222

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