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Multi- masking

Davines circle chronicles: A mask for every occasion made for modern living

7 unique formulas deliver targeted results FAST

What is multi masking you ask? It’s meeting specific hair and scalp needs, As well as the combination of treating your hair in three main areas: scalp length and ends

yes at once

these little pouches are available to take home, or you can book a treatment in salon ar your next appointment. and I know you ( fine “we” ) have a little more time on your hands for self care.

Whether you need protection against breakage while you work, exercise, or spend time in the outdoors, there is a solution for it

Ideal for anyone with limited time: all within 10 minute, you Can treat your hair with vitamins minerals fatty acids and essential proteins necessary

Looking for anti pollution? the #puritymask helps with hair distress and pollution and build up. Combine with the hydration of the #quenchmask and your hair will delight.

hair need help waking up?

#spotlightcircle gives extraordinarily amount of shine. #renaissancecircle repairs damaged wires while adding softness

Ready to try?

i thought so...

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