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I never need a reason to tresspass. There it’s been said

But fall foliage, hairplay, some sparkly outfits and having fun with my dear friend…sold

I have been in more nooks and crannies in the beautiful outdoors with Michelle , but this was special as we got to do a make shift graduation shoot, get into an area of Okotoks ( walking distance nonetheless to our homes) that was being developed for commercial space and this was the chance to get into the space and homestead before demolition

The rest, as the story seems to go, is history…..

I always try and share the behind the scenes of these moments,its all part of the story telling, as well seeing the evolution and complete joyous moment of these collaborations. It really is about having fun and making others feel good

and yes, there’s usually snacks and liquids ( insert winky face)

because my motto is always …it’s never just about the hair

there’s something inspiring about the process. Well at least I hope there is

And if nothing else, there’s a moment, full of inviting and beautiful memories, leaving an impressing feeling of possibilities. Hitting all the good endorphins

And in the words of Elle Woods “ endorphins make you happy, and happy people just don’t shoot their husbands, they just don’t “

thanks to Mary Checknita for trusting us which her graduation photos in in an unconventional setting

and i can’t think of anyone else I’d rather climb fences with, and be knee deep in weeds and grasses than Michelle Gier photography



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