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Fall Ablaze

Fall wedding inspiration

Dreaming back to this AMAZING fall wedding shoot. One of my all time favourites

All the elements To give such a warm vibrant fall vibe

the dark rich reds of her exotic bouquet deep velvety look makeup Classic with a twist on her styled hair. and that DRESS. Damn

crisp autumn air and sleek modern hair. It’s visually effortless with wisps to balance the intricate style. Mmmm

These colors!

What a beautiful location Tara chose for this shoot. And how cool it is when you can have this elegant wedding collab happening while working around fly fishermen. I’m sure they had their own thoughts on this. haha. They opted to not be in any photos

Shades of copper and orange reflecting on the creek. warms me instantly I walk my dog in the area and it’s always therapeutic & being able to play and create in this manner was just so.....

Happy Fall! cheers,

Thank you to everyone involved,

photos by: Calgary Wedding Photographer @tarawhitphoto Wedding gown: Cameo & Cufflinks @cameoandcufflinks Hair stylist: (moi) @hairbrained98 Make-up stylist: Shea Brown @sheabrownahair Stunning fall bouquet: Sarah Mayerson Design @sarahmayersondesign Thanks to our beautiful model, Melissa Robinson in her Hayley Paige Bridal gown

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