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Conscious Re-Opening

Updated: Jun 8, 2020

I’ve been working hard to create a new space, one of which gives thought to more purpose in every aspect of what my job entails. It’s with you in mind that I’ve opened my home studio to offer choices.

my days at Notorious are far from over but in saying that, under the new plan there are many new guidelines in place. For salons with more staff and steady flow of traffic these new guidelines can be daunting

As we all maneuver through some of this uncharted territory and uncertainty I want to be able to provide more than just A great hairdo. I had the inclination and most definitely the time to come up with a new plan (10 weeks of nothingness, but who’s counting)

When the going gets tough, the tough (moi) want to help ease your minds hearts& hair strands

i have created a space to leave you looking and feeling good. Simple as that

heres what your future appointment will look like:

  • appointment only* no walk ins here folk

  • please DO NOT come or adhere to your appointment if you have a fever cough or runny nose etc

  • Upon entry you are provided to good oil’ soap & water ( my preference! )

  • Increased space and time in between appointments

  • breathing room and stillness

  • Implemention of cleanliness guidelines

  • Providing Services with more individual thought and preparation

  • single use beverages that are 100% recyclable

  • Greeted with a smile - albeit under a swanky mask when necessary

  • A small boutique dedicated to making you feel and look good

  • most importantly can’t wait to see you

I want to thank you for the bottom of my heart for your support and sticking with me through this new journey

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