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Sweater Weather

Updated: Jan 21, 2020

sweater weather - its more than a fashion statement.

its officially cold here and this cold weather comes with its own set of hair challenges

so when wet hair in winter is officially a no-no, here's some tidbits from me to help you through this wintery season

Always ....i repeat Always use a hydrating conditioner.

its good for your hair, the more you can hydrate and seal the cuticle, the better.

help those thirsty ends the next several cold dry months. I actually use a deep conditioning mask as my daily moisturizing conditioner. EVO the great hydrator is my current go-to.

i also play with davines OI conditioning milk. i love layering conditioners in lieu of styling products this time of year because it helps cure any winter hair blues

used to leaving the house with wet hair? change up the routine and have your wet hair routine start in the evening. try braiding or twisting hair for bedtime.

not sure where to start? that's what i'm here about booking a hair tutorial

extend the life of your blowdry efforts. experiment with tools and products like R&CO death valley dry texture spray to give a few extra days of life of your style without drying out.

looking for more......

you know who to call. wink wink

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