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Humpday Jam: four simple words

I have had this song in my head since yesterday....

you see, i was a participant for an artistic photo collaboration, and as much as i can rock out some serious fun editorial hair related to whatever task is at hand,I struggle (I'm being polite here) with being in front of a camera.

When i say struggle i mean I become this belligerent jerk face (I'm being polite here)

then i grabbed my phone.. and i played Frank Turners "four simple words" ...then i began to relax and move and get out of my head, and those four simple words helped me find that place that i needed to get to...and do i was there to create ( just have some freaking fun already).

ever get "stuck" like that?

have a listen. and i assure you that by the end of this song, you will be energetically free to tackle the day!



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