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Fab winter hair tips

its that time again...the cold weather has arrived and is settling in nicely

this brings about less than ideal hair challenges and issues..... well here's some ideas to help stick it to ol man winter from wreaking havoc on your locks this season.


just like our skin, our hair needs extra TLC this time of year. a good professional leave in conditioner will help hydrate from the inside out and add daily protection

a moisture mask will give your hair extra ammunition and if your hair is at all chemically treated..well that's a no brainer, its going to be deprived already, so the more you can hydrate and help those thirsty ends in the cold winter months. the better.

another option or addition to the regime is an oil based finishing serum-NOT VO5- (dont get me started) that will help seal your cuticles and give some added shine and frizz free finish

i am always available to point you in the right direction for good professional product selection.

wet hair no-nos!

do not walk around in the cold in wet hair

invest in a good quality blow dryer (nanotechnology) that will help with a silky smooth finish.

want blow dry advice? better yet...a tutorial?

book an appointment for a one -on -one class where i walk you through the fundamentals of a good blow out. youll be surprised how much more enjoyable it is to style your hair with a few tips under your blet!l

let it (your locks) rest and allow your natural oils do its magic is good for your hair and scalp

again back to the basics with a good blow out will allow you to go a few days without needing to use heat every single day. ( that's where i come in handy hint hint)

for those of us with natural curl or frizz and blow drying isn't always a good option, take the time to style your hair from towel dried. use a good quality lotion or mousse with moisture benefits and twist hair like a rope or braid loosely and allow your hair to dry before hitting the cold, while adding shape and no-frizz.

there you have it, some tips of the trade

don't hesitate to reach out for any advice or to book your blow out tutorial appointment with me!



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