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walking the dog most days past this bench, it spoke to me somehow(now don't be thinking sixth sense or anything like that) it sits alone unused in a quiet pocket of my neighbourhood. watching the leaves build up this fall got me to thinking......of a hippie wanderlust vibe .....and so I created it.

most of my girlfriends by now know that at some point their number will be up...and they will be solicited for model call...and I couldn't have found a better model for this than Alison who embodies all things hippie and spiritual and wanderlust!

this neighbourhood may never be the same as we did 3 quick change of clothes and hair on that bench, the poor weather conditions were in our favour as it was raining and not many spectators this evening. I had my daughter on the look out for bi-law just in case...I hear public nudity is frowned upon.

this is my favourite way to experiment with hair-in the outdoors- no mirror no electricity no hot tools. it gets me pushing my creative boundaries but also the hairs'-the added element of rain during this shoot made it all the more challenging yet fun.

let me tell you when that hat went on and the guitar was in her hands we did not need to do anything other than let it be....this was her domain!

although you could not tell it was raining(*threatening on snowing) the entire shoot, it gave for nice sheen on the pathway. her hair had been nicely saturated and all I had to do was remove the braid and rake it out with my fingers for this dishevelled look. again it made for a challenge and had to work with the elements...and the fact that at this point I could no longer feel my fingers.

all she needs now is an album to produce... as this would be her cover shot

thank you to my co conspirators' this darling daughter Mya, who rocked the make up, My friend ALISON CHUDLEIGH for modelling, providing her own clothing and letting us strip her down in public, and MICHELLE GIER for capturing images and always up for these little creative sessions. the fact we live a block away makes our wine/idea nights too convenient


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