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I am frequently heard saying in my hair ramblings that its NEVER just about hair

this image is not exception

a quick shout out to people that helped make this happen...Kitty-the model, Hamish-the photographer, my daughter Mya -make up extraordinaire, Robertson family- for allowing us on the ranch over the holidays......more to come on this

for now I want to share with you why this photo brings a smile to me every time I look at it

well, its was over xmas this year and it was blistery cold (learned a new word-FRIPPLES!)


and it was no small feat getting Kitty in this tree so high up, after a couple of hours of shooting no less, you cant see but she's about 12ft above ground, I had nothing to do with that I am placing blame entirely on her brother/photographer Hamish

thank god for this stunning shot because shortly after she fell out (insert laughter here).

Now technically, she was coming down anyhow and survived in good form long enough to finish out the me thinking about needing a waiver for moments like these

and if that isn't enough to entertain...I used some fabric that my mom gave me not too long ago wondering if I could use it some day for my editorial work I send her a copy and say "thanks mom turns out the fabric did come in handy" and she says well its about time I've been hanging on to it since 1978

no kidding?

and that is my story.....

stay tuned for more on this collaboration

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