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leave it to the FRENCH to create such a soothing sophisticated word such as BALAYAGE.

balayage is a French word meaning to sweep or to paint. It allows for that sun-kissed, natural looking hair colour .... similar to what nature gives us as children ... well not me per say but my brother was blessed with beautiful blond "balayaged" locks I was more the color of a patina'd know that copper with a hint of green ...but I digress....with this technique you are able to create softer, less noticeable regrowth lines. The principal idea being less is more when creating that sun kissed look. Forget foils.....well maybe not entirely.....there is most definitely a place and need for foil in the salon.....but seemingly one of the hottest hair trends of the moment is OMBRE especially on longer lengths of hair, which will leave your hair with perfect sun-kissed highlights directed on the mid to ends of the hair

Balayage gives the colorist more freedom ...which is music to my ears-freedom-isn't that what creating with color is all about!

here comes the fun part....and also the braid Carly my lucky client for whom I chose to do something entirely different in hopes to achieve that balayage sun kissed blonde.

no pressure or anything .....she was also scheduled for a modeling gig the next day, SO no room for error. seriously look at the size of her one head should carry that much hair?

I wanted to see what coloring just within the braided sections of hair would result in...I was dealing with Guinness records amount of thick course curly hair. there wasn't enough time in the day to section all that hair let alone attempt to foil. the fact that she needed such slight gradual change due to modeling further helped me step out of the box in coming up with a new technique.

so...the "proverbial" light bulb went off as they say and it hit me-BRAID IT-which allowed for me to freehand her entire head without sectioning and using a more fluid motion of coloring . DO NOT let those foils you see fool you...they are used only for containment of messiness due to her long length look even I have a braid in my hair....oh did I mention I cant braid. I've been challenging myself to learn, decided that after 24 years of saying "I don't do braids" I better come humbly down off that horse. and seeing as braiding is as hot as ombre in the hair world, if I cant beat em...join em

I worked my way around the head from side to side really just focusing on the perimeter which is where the "sun" would hit the hair the most in its natural state.

so happy with the end results. Carly now has her own signature color that was a first for me therefor am able to say one of a kind....the lines are completely diffused so as not to know for sure if this is her natural color or the help of a mad scientist/colorist (insert devilish smile here) ....only her stylist will know for sure(ok and now you)

LOVE IT................CHEERS

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