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World of Indie Film: BTS

Parallel Minds.

Sitting in my PJs reflecting on this past year as it would seem today is New Years Eve...


it’s been such a mixed year but I shan’t dive into that. We know what this year is/was and this storytelling blog of mine is my world of hair

so shall it be

a very subtle under the radar so to speak highlight for me was having my name nominaTed for a small indie film that made its way to the Calgary Film Festival in Sept.

kind of got sweat under the bridge, so to speak, with some many other worldly situations but I feel today is the perfect day to showcase some behind-the-scenes photos of what it was like for me on set.

id not done an independent film before, and it was a bit of a juggling act as I chose to work in the salon full time and be present on a consult basis, having to leave once my cast was set.

kind of unheard of in the film industry, As being there for hair mishap insurance as well continuity being integral to the flow and outcome of production

it was a tricky situation but nonetheless I got my foot in the door and super proud to be part of this small all - Canadian made production

New Year’s being a time of celebration and all, but looking slightly different than most NYE this is my way of celebrating some of my highlights this year

One of our actors, Madison Walsh in hair makeup mode:

She was so freaking fun to work with. I genuinely looked forward to our daily routine...

there was zero budget for hair, so when the director wanted more gong on in her hair I dug out some old Halloween hair pieces on my tickle trunk and they worked brilliantly

not only was it great to get dressed up and go to the theatre- that’s right I went to the

- theatre but getting to see how it all came together was super cool not to mention my name up there on credits...

hard to say that humbly but I sincerely am

that aspect of film styling is so not what Im about or why I do what I do, but dang why not celebrate these achievements 🥂

The all Canadian cast made it all so effortless. Hardworking humble courteous talented

these synthetic comic con wigs were a serious pain in the ass to work with, and they were used in an oddly seductive violent fight scene with stunt double and actor Chelsea Green

synthetic wigs aren’t for touching

At a certain point I had to interject and say “ no pressure guys but this has to be the last take for these wigs..”

they got what was needed without it being distracting on film

How it translated on camara

I can’t even out a caption to this image.

top of the Calgary herald building, poking and joking around with Greg Byrk

This most patient actor spent an entire (ENTIRE) day getting into this outfit that was built to made on him. Our make up deptartment also made a nomination for this creation.

Setting the stage for “Kookum’s” homestead.

was the only day we filmed outside of the city limits

what a view. we really are so blessed to live in the foothills so close to the mountains

Hard life right....



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