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Who doesn’t love playing around in tulle? Ladies you know what I’m talking about.. whether 2 or 92, it envokes a sensation of fairytale

I mean come on, how stunning is this photo? all the elements were in place: our model with killer legs to swoon over( not to mention an all around amazing character of a human being) the weather with just the right amount of breeze, a DIY tulle accent for the dress, and the quintessential southern Alberta backdrop of prairie grass and Rocky Mountains.

side note: this was our last outdoor photo collab before our 1st winter snow storm of 2020

the one constant you can count on when planning shoots like this - expect the weather to change abruptly

Team Tara (moi) & Vanessa with @warbabycosmetics putting our touches on Julie, our model who quite frankly is looking very in her element getting pampered

what you won’t see in this post is all the layouts and changes of looks we hammered out in a day. I think there’s 5 total if I recall. Taking her hair from wavy and up( as seeing in this photo) to down and flat ironed, to pinnned and tucked for this series of photos, to curled and styled for a retro looking vibe ( perhaps my next post?)

and a bonus for e is a touch of challengewhen it comes to hair - which Julie our model presented, as her hair was on the shorter side with a slight undercut in the back so there were limitations for e to work around. Check✔️

This is what a day of #BTS looks like.. stuff her in a tree, bring out a leaf blower, and let the good times roll...

Seriously ... Vanessa was so stoked to dibs the leaf blower. And she got to show off those pipes that she has been labouring over for her upcoming fitness competition - Go Vanessa 💪

From this....

To this.......

these are the moments that make doing these photo shoots so worthy

yes the finished product is remarkable and a huge part of my career, but the deeper more impactful stuff is right there on her face This is why I love styling hair for women ... that reaction is always the goal!


Huge thanks to:

Photographer @medorannboucher_photography

Make up @warbabycosmetics

model @aweditycreative

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