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Sweat it out: fitness & haircare

Trying to find balance between getting your sweat on and maintaining your hair style without having it frizz out, get oily and flat Or even stinky?

here’s some tips n tricks

Prior to starting your workout try pulling your hair in a loose but secure braid.

the high bun, which is most women’s fashion statement these days anyhow is a great go to as long as it’s not restricted and tied too tight.

fabric scrunchies are so fun and so more forgiving than tight elastic bands

YES elastic band damage is a thing

***keep your eye out for my scrunchies available in 2021. Soooo cited to show you

DONT rush to shampoo after each workout. This causes more stress on the hair and leads to overly dry frizzed - out hair. keep the rest of your hair well hydrated with a leave - in on the ends so wear and tear of buns N braids are minimal.

Davines Dede leave in mist is best for what I’m describing as it’s formulated with fine hair in mind, so those disheveled messy post workout buns can be untangled and combed with ease using this mist. It’s light leave on spray is a perfect gym bag pick for all hair types to keep frizz at bay.

let it breathe baby

for real, we all have natural oils that work synergistically with our skin and hair, and sometimes leaving well enough alone and not mucking about keeps a healthy balance.

a wide tooth comb where possible ( I just heard curly hair people whimper ) and give your scalp a gentle comb thru. Help your hair air dry as best possibe is indeed best.

Keep a sweat absorbing hair product on your gym bag or at home.

Davines hair refresher is by far my most cherished product for absorbing oils from scalp without adding any weight or build up to you hair.

Smells and feels like “freshly washed” hair, easy to brush out and can be layered to extend your washes by days- days people!

no sticky residue just a nice clean state to compliment get your groove on for your workouts.

neutralizes odour and excess sebum.

Hope these tips help you out, reach out to ask me your specific concern or inquiry about product use, stay tuned for my scrunchies ...and now go get your sweaty groove on


**Shoutout to my model Melissa, who had some editorial photos done for her fitness website & branding material

fun new way for me to work with action shots in this manner




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