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“Success is getting what you want, happiness is wanting what you get…” - Ingrid Bergman


Such a joy to see women who can exude both.

These images came from a day spent with our client, Wendy Langdon really seemed to me, to capture the many faces of a female entrepreneur.

being one myself, it’s more than just running a business - it’s relational. heck, sometimes it’s even janitorial :)

wendy has found her niche in both success and relationships within her career

what started out as her reaching out because was wanting headshots for her business, turned into a fun filled day with four diverse women interacting, playing around with moods and wardrobes and poses, you know, where all the juiciness happens. We talked, snacked, discovered (as I ALWAYS DO) all the small world stories and mutual connections. exchanged stories, and just plain had fun doing it

Amazing what happens when you let your hair down, so to speak….

she was such a trooper and was open to letting us capture more than just a headshot

and it’s a beautiful thing to show case a softer side.

In a word : Vulnerable

and that, in my mind, is what makes a successful female entrepreneur

thanks Wendy ! looking for more than just some lifestyle/ headshots? Need images to capture the you in your business world? connect with us to find out more.

(ps. Yes that’s moi playing with a bit of manufactured wind)

As always, none of this is possible without ourbeautiful team of #MAMS




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