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It’s been a long minute, to say the least, since I’ve “ blogged”

does anyone even blog anymore?

Well call it what you want, I thought it time to share and showcase

and what better time to do it then in the spirit of holidays season and celebration.

this holiday season was full of celebrations and the images from this day was no exception.

the serendipitous nature of our friendships that have grown and expanded over the years. What started with my two friends arranging a photoshoot for some marketing material steamrolled into a whole day with “behind the scenes” team getting in front of the camera

see as I always say ITS NEVER JUST ABOUT HAIR

There is something so cathartic about expressing oneself, at mid life no less, in front of a camera

but not just any camera as it’s so much more than good equipment and lighting. Not unlike the world of romantic lives it’s all about chemistry. and man do we have good chemistry

Believe me all had each others backs.!! And being a female on this planet for For 50 years now, I can attest to the fact that it is not in ones female nature to honour that. Oh we all talk a good talk, but let’s be honest we are our own worst enemies and need to accept that perhaps the reasons we aren’t ruling the universe is us.

We are so consumed with doubts and insecurities that embracing and supporting and loving other women in their own skin can be threatening.

but I digress

i can tell you this- these images were only possible with the support and cheering and love of other women who genuinely wanted to see each other thrive

seriously it’s so contagious. The art of play

We all let our guard down, let it all out even it it all hang out :)

Laughed sang danced encouraged, we drank gin …and had fun with it

again the art of play .

**and I have to give special mention to Matea, who in her young ripe age of only 19, was so encouraging and honestly was able to bring me out of my shell, and really feel comfortable and confident expressing myself. She can rock a camera let me tell l you - looking for a fresh photographer With a wicked eye for outside the box - she’s your gal

trsut me flattery gets you everywhere (insert winky emoji)

dare to try?

I promise you we got your back

this creative collaboration with bought you by

hair ( and hesitant model) - moi @hairbrained98

make up ( and model) - Vanessa @warbabycosmetics

photography- Medorann @medorannboucher_photography

photography- Matea- @tea_xphotography

model ( and tiktok dance choreographer) - Julie @aweditycreative




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