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Snow Goddess: winter yoga

no holds barred, this was a most challenging experience, as I've not ever had to compete with the elements as I did this day

It was crazy - within an hour of starting what was supposed to be a warm dry, sunny autumn day (for southern Alberta mind you) to do an outdoor shoot for a yoga instructor, clouds rolled in. then wind. then snow. and more snow. .and it just kept coming.We had a full blown winter blizzard to contend with.

which in the end, was a wicked plan B.

quick improvisations and changes were made as the day went on. complete with chilled to the bone moments

I've not worked outdoors on a shoot in the winter months let alone during a snow storm it was such a pretty day aesthetically and the snow gave for some really interesting images, none of which were part of the "plan" Robin, our model is a fitness guru, yoga instructor, and an all around beautiful soul, had approached me with a collaborative idea to help her create new portfolio pieces.

Its all happened in a short manner of time, with the 3 of not getting the chance to sit and drum out details prior to the day of. so on the day, as 4 feet of heavy snow proceeded to fall, we met with our own ideas and inspiration, and quickly hammered out our plan ( B) of action.

we decided to limit our locations and wardrobe change's and in between came home for food, wine, and warm up.

Robin was such a gem. she was poised, composed and solid in her conviction to getting some good images in spite of her being extremely cold.

thank you to both Robyn & Michelle Gier Photography for all great brainstorming, collaboration and images.

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