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Ok I couldn’t resist…

anyone who knows me knows my love of thrifting for treasures and vintages finds. this was no exception! Like total jackpot for me. Come on it’s relevant to my career, and all things hair, it has original packaging not opened, and last but not least the fricking name

says it all

i call this a SCORE

got a bit nerdy and wanted to find out more..

and so I did

turns out it was created and patented right here in Calgary

and I’m only speculating but feel confident in saying it was invented by none other than Jerome of “Jerome’s “ who has been synonomous with hair salons in Calgary for decades. Not many women who have lived in the city can say they’re not familiar with Jerome

I started my hair career here when I was 19 ( couple years back) and many of my mentors and hair colleagues whom I’ve trained under and worked with, worked and trained under Jerome.

best I can tell, SHUV IT came to be in the early 1980’s and he went for his patent in 1983

anyways I’ve got this little treasure tucked away and it may or may not ever get opened

Well, there you have it…



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