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Prairie Grasses: styled shoot

I have so much fun exploring and showcasing my work in the amazing places and spaces in and around southern Alberta.

this place was so unique because it went from seeing this barn from the highway, and finally getting some courage to pull into the yard and ask permission to play, to making a very reclusive home owner comfortable enough to share the story and history of this property.

turns out there is incredible history.

the barn that you see these images are part of the Alberta's history archives. The first set of triplets born in alberta were born inside this barn, and the mother of these triplets was single and (seemingly) alone at the time.

it situates on an old mining route, and this homestead was the stopping pooint to give the men and horses a repreive, some food and water.

It was one of these stops that the men noticed three little babes wrapped and placed in horse gear.

Having my been such a long while since ive posted any stories about my editorial passion, not becpause ive had nothing to say (ya ya i know)

but more the lack of time, focus, desire to translate my work into any online storytelling.

played around with clip in extensions, as well some diy synthetic wefts. rope braided and pinned in for the look below

visually striking. Love the drama of darkness with a peek at our Available sundown light

Love her casual tousled hair that was styled on-site which simply means do whatever you can with no heat tools. Had so much fun playing around with different lengths incorporating both her natural length and different extensions.

Yep there you have it, another fun rendition of us playing around on the prairies

much Fun love and learning capturing these photos

Photographer: Michelle Gier @michellegierphoto

Hair stylist: MOI @hairbrained98

model: Jasmine



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