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Orange is the new Pink

happy monday

as I continue to entertain myself during my mandated hiatus from working, I figure I can extend said entertainment on to you..

I was also bored with my hair wanted to kick it up a notch mix things up you know how it is spring is in the air and all,. so here goes

i was inspired by recent images of panels of contrasting colour around the face

its nothing new if anything it’s a resurgence of 90’s bold hair colour that we can probably thank the likes of Geri Halliwell and all things spice (girls)

i am calling it my anti-balayage movement

NOW full disclosure: this and many other looks from the 90’s went down as some of the more embarrassing and eye rolling trends, but nonetheless it’s was a look and was everywhere from runway models ( think Niami Campbell) to Gwen Stefani and the cast of “Friends”

come on, if Jen Aniston sported it, could it have really been that bad? dont answer that

anyways here’s some before and after

This is my chosen accent piece, or as those crazy millennial stylists are calling it the “money piece”

oh the irony

Taking a triangular section. Keeping it within a typical fringe space around the front but went a bit further back on my triangle because, well because I could

And yes, Guest appearance sometimes happens in my studio. we wait...

Does the expression “go bold or go home “ still apply when youve been told to stay at home?

*** THIS IS NOT MY END RESULT*** But Freak is it fun

my goal is to see how pink I can get my piece without bleaching my hair to cotton candy. im technically ready to play with some different pigments but I’m really enjoying this colour. i also have a couple different ideas to extend the life of my signature panel using different shades as fadage starts, as well if my end result can’t be achieved. this is very relevant as I see it all the time in the salon when clients have an expectation based on an instagram/Pinterest image, and I get to play bad guy and tell them it’s a)unachievable given ones own hair reality or

b) too costly based on level of correctiveness in dealing with the hours it would take

c) a combination of the above

its probably the most undesired colour in the salon world, both with stylists and with client’s yes it’s beyond brassy and yet it’s so fun right now. There is literally nothing in my usual repertoire of clothing that complements, but it gets me inspired to dig deep in my closet and play around with outfits

what I love about this is not necessarily the literal version, but what I’m trying to sell here is an idea a concept of a more individualised or signature style based on every clients varying desire. this can be as subtle and low maintenance as blonde on blonde, or more in your face - need sunglasses at night- kind of color.

im hoping to inspire a well needed and deserved change upon your next visit with me in salon.

So for nowhere you have it

stay tuned...


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