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OI. Harmony and balance in haircare

“That smells incredible. Can I try some?” thats what I hear most often when using Davines Oi In clients hair. although that saying “ you had me at.....” I don’t utilize, invest carry or sell products because of a fragrance

EVER! yes it’s dam good fragrance. but what does it do

The shining star of this line is Roucou oil. Roucou oil comes from a special tree in the amazon and delivers hydration and nutrition in a delicate process to your locks

it’s gives your hair softness shine and adds brightness to natural and colored hair. more hair that you know what to do with? Guess what - this beautiful product speeds up hair drying time. With or without your hot tool


And I will continue to exclusively work with sustainable beauty products @davines is paraben and sulphate free, and davines offsets 100% packaging production and offices. all their formulations favor the use of ingredients in a natural origin, generated with renewable electric energy and packaged with with minimal environmental impact

Ahhh sustainable beauty. Now that is beautiful



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