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New Lengths:

why hair extensions?

i don't share this enough but i LOVE love working with hair extensions, even more i love hearing from my clients that have them, use them, love them, and have had theirs for years.

that translates into:

if you know how to use them, and have have the right instruction from the right professional (moi) beautiful things happen

before. her straigt hair is fine and wispy on ends

so why hair extensions?

instant transformation - extensions can instantly add interest and more style your existing shape

length - this seems a no - brainer, but truly, the longer hair you've been dreaming of is easily and instantly achieved. even if just for that special night out.

volume - whether its from naturally fine textured hair or loss or thinning hair you can add volume and fullness at your discretion

color - this too seems endless in terms of possibility, but whether you want to try a temporary new color trend or you want a change without commit of changing your natural hair as well

after. both length and volumer were added and ends have been filled

lots of texture and waves going on once extensons were added

finishing touches before the photoshoot. Thanks to make up artisit Gundeep

as always, if you like what you see and want to know more, please touch base



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