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Let Him Go: BHS

My first feature film I got got the opportunity to work full time on is out in theatres today...

In light of this, thought I’d share a few BTS images from my days on set

Like seriously.......

I get to be surrounded by all this AND wear my my most beloved toque

oh and work along side the likes of Kevin Costner, Diane Lane, Jeffrey Donavan, Kaylee Carter and Leslie Manville...

yes please!

What you don’t see is the gale force wind. there was huge efforts to keep hair intact and the lead actors from staying put on this ledge

i had the task of keeping Diane’s stunt woman’s hair in order during shooting. This windy day kept me busy running in and out of view making sure of continuity through all that wind

but dang it was a nice view

The beautiful scenery in badlands & east coulee, where we stayed

and shot for about a week

it was also the first time I had ever left my family to go on location. Gave me such good insight to the sacrifices all the actors cast and crew make in order to put productions such as this together for our viewing pleasure

Back to mountain views, I was so lucky to have had such diverse locations such as jumping Pound, east coulee, Drumheller, Fort McLeod, Calgary, Didsbury....

lotta miles

As a tourist I’ve not had the chance to see all the beautiful parts of Drumheller and east Coulee area. can’t wait to get back here

this was actually shot in Calgary in the Ogden area and the street and neighborhood were transformed for a few days. The cast was so gracious allowing fans to watch and Kevin always took time to honour photo ops with local residents.

Well the day has arrived...



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