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Learning 101:

I miss the days of hopping in car and setting off for class.

or plane

or foot

nonetheless I am fully prepped and excited to see where 2021 takes me for learning

I'm leaning towards London for a wig work course, but right now it’s anyone’s guess...

in the meantime I thought I’d dump a few photos on here to

a) keep me occupied

b) showcase some behind the scenes of what advanced education looks like for us stylists

there are many industries that require continuous education and the beauty industry is no exception. I have to admit not only is this NOT a drag to do, it’s a huge perk of this ever evolving career I chose 30 years ago.

Class in session: This is taken from a sweet spot in Calgary. The Colony, is a multi purpose studio for photo shoots filming videos, workshops etc.

I wish a had a reason to rent it out..


some of the best clients I’ve worked with come with their own stand.

having been off for 2 weeks now and the holiday over, I’ve brought a couple mannequins into the studio to keep me from going bonkers. Also what a great way to get really creative and work on some new techniques for clients once I get the go ahead to re-open.

I have to say hair painting is like therapy for me...transcends me into a zone where sometimes I worry I’m drooling. Poor clients

it’s such a natural and organic way to lighten hair and so glad many of my clients have this as their COLOR of choice with so many months this year of not getting to see their stylist.

( she whispers under her breath “fucking covid”)

Kevin Murthy: on stage in Vegas baby

tnis is a typical scene at most large hair events, and also my typical note taking now as there’s usually so much to take in on stage that I can recap after each session, or after I drag my butt to my hotel for room service and homework

Wig working and note taking.

Heads upon heads upon heads

this rocking salon is in Portland and one of theee coolest spots ive ever been to. A lotta love has gone into this salon and it shows. They brought educators from San Francisco in for the weekend and It was a whirlwind 2 days. I landed in time for day one- straight for the salon I go suitcase in hand, ready to learn, found my hotel on foot at the end of a 9 hour class, woke up checked out, did the walk back to hotel, another 6 hours of learning before my taxi picked me up for my flight home......

Vegas symposium was my last big educationaal event. It’s held very 2 years and is such a huge production somewhere in the likes of 10K stylists from around the world meet up. It’s a serious feast for the eyes. I used to travel with friends/colleagues but found it’s almost too overwhelming to combine and educational experience with the social experiment. im “that” person that would rather get up for 6am and go to every single class and lecture, than take on the sights and catch what you can ...geek or what

My vibe after an event like Redken Vegas symposium. SPENT

and I cannot wait to do it all over again.....


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