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❤️ Lauren ❤️

Updated: May 25, 2023

Another collection of bridal photos to wrap up this weird yet wicked wedding career .

Although I've completely stepped away from wedding hair, I reminisce and parties like this make me contemplate filling my pockets with Bobby pins & returning to bridal

But for now I just share images of the last wedding I was part of ...

The bride came to me with the some of the best of challenges for Hair.

i want it down. Soft. Carefree. Wavy. But not too so...

bendy but smooth

hmmm I say

Also they were outside which has a completely differing vibe than an indoor one, let alone a more traditional church setting. It offers a more organic way to style hair which is my wheelhouse for sure, and I also need to consider the outdoor elements, like wind and humidity

Blushing bride and her handsome & groom. capturing the all too happy to kiss the bride moment...

happy when I get to see the end result of consults, hair trials and the day of...which usually ends for me just before the bridal party get dressed. So there is always the unknown of what happens between doing last touches & saying goodbye with my kit

and how it all translates in the end

mother daughter love

this image is ethereal and organic. From the colors and soft bouquet to mom and brides’ pretty pastel pallette . Love The halo crown with her bendy boho hairstyle

The crew in all their glory.

When I get to sneak in on the pre wedding celebrations...

How beautiful is Lauren and her bridal crew ...

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