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IN MY ELEMENT: Freelancing it

Photo dumping a few BTS of a few photo shoots I worked on in 2020. Talk about making lemon cello out of lemons.With the rubbish year that we called 2020 and within all the other turmoil and forced changes that was dished out,

There was so much creativity joy laughter and pride in my editorial work the last 9 months

oh and fun. Did I mention fun?

the things I do to get that hair just so....

Not to mention how bad ass it can feel to break a few rules along the way. a very “Stand by me“ moment sneaking a shoot on the tracks, but when inspiration calls, it calls. it’s full on

I can’t even try my deny that being outside in nature while doing hair is my absolute FAVE. I have said aloud many times while watching a sunset with tools on my hand...Come on! gratitude increases exponentially

Whilst there’s not always Prosecco at the end of these days, there is most always a huge cheers!



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