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GLITTER & GOLD..... more

I don’t really need to talk on about these images, but I will mention this second style was on a whim whipped up on the tailgate of Michelle’s car.

Super happy with how well it ( “it” being her style) just turned into a thing, but seems quite balance with the rest of her look. Wind not so much in my favour but I just let it dictate the outcome.

In my previous post I blabbed about how this came about. we left the house with her hair set for some down looks, and then re worked her hair into something up and more dramatic but still kept with overall soft look on her.

this building is in the process of being torn down/ removed/ taken away for some new commercial and residential development in the area. So glad we got a chance to sneak in to this area before it’s gone. breaking rules once in awhile is so satisfying

It had already come together so sweet and smoothly, but when those cloups broke for us to get this very last shot........ what the absolute

And that’s how you turn your back on someone ......

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