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First look and some behind the scenes of my recent creative shoot...

What a sweet send off this photo shoot was...

This babe is heading off to eastern Canada for university as I write this. As always, it starts with an idea, then comes the planning, which truth be told is little more than food lotta wine and quality time with my friend Michelle ( photographer) For her, was a need to get outside and do something creative with her lens, and for me get my hands in Mary’s hair one last time before she ventures on her new journey.

What made it all the more memorable is the fact that due to recent events - thats right the C word- she did not get to celebrate in a graduation ceremony

(something about large crowds?)

So, pomp & circumstance was replaced by giggles and prep in my studio and a trek to this cool undisclosed destination, due to us being trespassers and all. Not going to lie this made it all the more fun.

We set up in a field and used the car as base camp and got to work while watching sunset over the mountains. I know it’s mutual but I love watching other artists in their zone of work Michelle makes these noises when she’s captured something special on that camera and I feed off that energy and we just dive in.....and when she tells out F uuuuck I know we are onto something

this is her giddy dance

there are honestly so many beautiful shots I’m having trouble finding my faves- because they all are -

the sky was in our favour, which doesn’t always happen. The glorious gold grasses and her contrasting navy sequin dress was exactly what we were after. There’s such a sexiness in all the elements of dusk lighting. the heritage building, the stunning model and her dress, so her hair and make up being the icing on the proverbial cake.

the wind provided me with lots of challenge and It meant I was on the move, running in & out of shot and ready for touch ups. Whats great is I never really k ow how it translates u TIL Michelle sends me her images.

Mary was such a natural it was beyond easy to capture many beautiful shots

So here’s the first on the series, As always I like to showcase our behind the scenes as it’s half the fun and great to share whats happening beyond a picture


thanks to:


@mya.watts for her make up

my client & model Mary Checknita

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