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Fall photosession ablaze: #BTS

I’ve been in my makeover glory this fall because somehow ending up with my own hair studio once again, after 9 years Wasn’t enough during 2020 pandemic, I’ve teamed up with an awesome due of Female entrepreneurs and creatives to build a Beautiful trifecta.

we now offer photo sessions for individuals or groups looking to capture something specific and creative on film ( yes: a photo shoot)

Headshots glamour shots marketing shots social media shots and let’s not forget my favourite just because shots...

dress up. Wind down. get in character

its all cathartic

Here’s some insight and perhaps even inspiration for anyone looking to step in front of the camera and play.

Our model Melisa was looking for some branding and social media images for both her real estate business as well her fitness instructor business. We played dress up in studio for 4 hours, having several ( like 9 ) changes of wardrobe and Vanessa the make up extraordinaire and I came up with 3 differing looks for hair and make up.

lets just say she needed a good shampoo/ scrubbing when she got home...

Using various Locations within Medorhann’s Home studio gives so many nooks and crannies of opportunity, as can be noticed by the creeper taking snapshots on her phone - that be me!

I’m going to post some more to showcase the versatility and also the extreme amounts of freaking fun it is

the idea got you intrigued? good

now let’s chat

photographer @ medorhannboucher_photography

make up artist @warbabycosmetics

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