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This was such a fun wedding party to be part of and my bride Esther had boundless energy humour and positive loving attitude.

and boy does she ADORE her husband Cam (and vice versa)

not many people get to see the intricate level of intimacy that happens behind the scenes of these photos

ive seen it all- crying laughing barfing (yes barfing ) tension anxiety nerves

this gang of babes were on fire with energy. All such good vibes it stands out for me as such an enjoyable morning and I got to be apart of it


it really is special for me to have my hands (quite literally) in the behind the scenes

so, I’m going to go ahead and show off her pics and their beautiful day

Now I have to talk about that tiara

she was adamant: so was he... There stands a stalemate.

There I was in their living room during her trial, letting them duke it out as to whether or not a cutesy ( think more trinket than heirloom) little adornment was going to be part of their day

i placed it on her head and....

well the rest is history as the saying goes

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