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Creative play is essential

now more than ever with complete and udder boredom Setting in, having been off work for so long

creative play is being governed differently of late, and it’s been super cool to think of opportunities for growth in this area. The cliche of “think outside the box” applies

actually it’s been more like “ inside these walls” scenario of late

While colleagues and stylists around the globe are creating online video content and tutorials, it’s just not my thing

not me at all

so don’t be looking for my YouTube channel anytime soon

this is what I love doing. Telling a story through images. setting a scene, prepping in the glorious manner of hair make up wardrobe. working along side other creatives and having our energies feed off each other.

then watch it come to life in a still photo

heres one I did last week for Medorhan’s COVIDOLL project

my previous post has some details about how it all went down during social distancing measures (check that out if you’ve not already)

now I just get to show off our efforts

Thanks again to the creative team

photography: @Medorann_finephotography

Make up: @ mya.watts

hair (moi) : @hairbrained98


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