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Couple goals: graduation series

fun. Fresh. Whimsical

that was this session in a nutshell

This young duo were so up for posing and getting fully immersed in #Prom season on a Sunday afternoon, that i could have gone for ice cream and they wouldn’t have noticed

( like, get a room already )

hair and make up was natural and youthful. nothing contrived

These sessions are different because your dealing with double the components of shooting and styling a client/ model. I know that seems obvious but the more humans the more attention to detail one needs to monitor. Also wanting to be mindful of the fact we are working with teens

fun fact: that cute lil adornment in Lulu’s hair was something I whipped up with a glue gun & hadnt thought it would ever get worn

after the initial styling I really just sat back and watched it unfold on camera…

Medorann just did her camera magic, while Vanessa and I sunk down and drank 🍸

so you think, a young couple nervous and shy, let’s just ease into things and get them feeling comfortable?

nope they full on threw themselves and their affection towards on another, didn’t care who was watching…

ahhh young love 💕

Couple photoshoots aren’t something I’ve really stepped into, but after watching and playing around with these two I’m happy to do’s like couples storytelling unfolding

also #PDA

Yes. That’s a dog in the shot, what of it?

yep, kids are just so much cooler than when i was celebrating graduation..

Had so much fun being part of their pre prom moment.

Happy #grad experience. Thank you guys

thanks to the team



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