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a lil sneak peek of a sunset photo session

behind the scenes really are part of why I do this. Each session I pick up more tips and tricks on lighting and poses as well refining my editorial skills which is so different from my work with clients in my studio

i actually find myself subconsciously practising along side in my dorky Fashion....So when she’s told to stick her neck out ... like way out... I’ll notice I’m holding this turtle-esqe pose and hope no one notices.

seriously, all the elements of “ethereal” which is what the photographer was chasing on this shoot

and I mean when your handed a location such as this and model and team such as this.....

I mean come on it’s almost too much


Roxy. Somehow this lil adorable thing gets in the majority of my shots and demands she be the star of the show. being small has its benefits as she & her two canine family members were secured in their outside pen, and low and behold who’s shows up ....

I could almost hear her saying “ nah nah nana booboo” as the other two watched longingly from behind the fence.

field of dreams baby, getting set up with managing wind direction and lighting

Like for real, that view is priceless

I mean, the property is currently for sale so technically there is price...but I digress

Yes, This is me on my tippy toes.

Huge thank you to:




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