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All About Mousse

Whether it be a blowout, big bouncy curl or soft sexy waves, mousse helps you style control humidity and ensures long lasting support, especially for fine hair textures

It builds body

it imparts shine

It adds volume- go big or home

to use: this is where you’d start with golf ball size dollap- very technical I know- and watch it expand in your hand

that same airiness is what Mousse can give to your hair

Apply to damp hair as your hair receives product better when damp

think of hair like fabric and caress the top layer of hair and then run It through to the roots

Once thoroughly distributed into hair, then start moving the hair up and away from the roots while massaging product through your hair

this will help you start to building that volume and getting hair to expand away from the head


my choice for mousse

these days it is -

this is a curl moisturizing mousse-


which I’m happy to report you can now grab yourself one in my studio

contact for more info or pick up.

better yet, book your next appointment And ask me about a tutorial. that’s my ja


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