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Let’s talk masking: To be honest, more of us are working from home more than ever, and that comes with some perks because we get to re evaluate a new work - life balance. One of the many and easy benefits is a new at home haircare routine. Yep - healthy happy hair is a mask away

being home more is the perfect opportunity to develop what I like to call multi masking

an easy way to nourish your hair is a convenient mask.

Despite hair types being as individual as our fingerprint, it's safe to say everyone’s hair goal would be a soft, nourished, and shiny mane.

These masks deliver fast targeted results

whether you are fixing dry dull signs of lacklustre winter hair, or an all around pick me up

Different hair types textures and needs Will tolerate ingredients in different ways @davines simple yet powerful & effective to calm nourish hydrate refresh.

convenient resealable pouches offer more than one use and you will get more than one treatment in your mask of choice. Designed for multiple needs you can Mix n match and repurpose so that your scalp can be cleansed while your ends are being nourished

While these luxurious masks do not replace getting a haircut, which is the ultimate treatment for damaged ends, they all certainly strengthen & nourish the hair while providing a solution.

as always, I try and make it clear that my goal is to use highest quality and sustainable beauty products

DAVINES - from plant to product, sustainability and responsible product development is their ultimate goal. I want to be serious about making business decisions that are good our planet and our hair

lets face it we all need a little care at the moment...

laughter and love,


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