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Winter Remedy

Updated: Jan 16, 2020

Hey as much as i love the comforts of winter like cozy sweaters, mulled wine, and cuddling along side a good film, i loather what the effects winter season has on hair.

this harsh cold winter is no exception.

this is the time of year i'm hearing constantly the frustration because of the havoc this cold has had on clients' hair and skin.

Add the fact that most of us have medium to thick hair with varying levels of texture and chemically treated locks, this creates the perfect storm of unruly dry brittle hair.

Here's a few things i swear by to help combat the wintry hair blues:

MOISTURE - conditioner

hydrate hydrate hydrate. i actually cringe when i have clients say they refrain from using any conditioner, usually out of old school information and/or fear of weighing hair down. not only is this not the case(of there's that elusive unicorn of a client) and need to be educated redirected at the appropriate one for their hair type. I am loving the R &CO Atlantis ...think water people, lots of moisture without heaviness of others out there. i have yet to overuse- and trust me i try.

I'm that person!

STRENGTH- hair mask

extra hydration is always necessary once in awhile, so having a deep treatment that you can give your hair (even if just the ends) to re-build strength and has the ability to penetrate to the inner core of your locks. i personally use the EVO THERAPIST (yes i see the humor) moisture mask weekly and during really cold months it will replace my daily condition and get used after every shampoo.

PROTECTION-Leave in conditioner

helps combat static and acts like a moisture barrier between your hair and the elements. think of it as a shield that is an ally in protecting your from frizz.

SHINE- oiling

there are products that have a range from oils that you drop in your palms and distribute, to dry oil sprays and shine sprays that offer weightless benefits. while most of these i recommend are topical, think of it like a topcoat of nail polish, or a setting spray for your make-up, you get the benefit of shine softness and again another layer of protection. "sealing the deal" so to speak.

on thicker textures like mine, i use EVO perpetua shine drops, on either damp or dry hair.

Hell, i layer both.

for finer textures or long lengths i really dig the effects of EVO love touch or R &CO neon lights

it offers a water soluble solution for static and frizz and fly-aways.

other quick tips:

air dry your hair (completely) to avoid the overuse of heat tools

avoid using really hot water when showering. luke warm is best.

satin pillows-the benefits range from less frizz, tangles to better longevity of your style..a must for thick curly hair

* *do not leave the house with damp hair. trust me, if it means mixing up your shampoo routine to get it done the night before, you'll be thanking me.

wondering what to do with your morning bed head? This is where i can step in and help. I always offer one-on-one sessions where you walk away with tips and tricks to save you time in the morning!

book your appointment and lets get you some hair help



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