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Memory Lane: some editorial fun

While going through my computer to do some content purging, i came across photos of a collaborative editorial photo shoot i was asked to work on, doing vintage - era hair for a wedding styled shoot at Heritage Park.

what i didn't pay too much attention to at the time, was the significance as to the locations and buildings inside the park.

maybe i was too busy looking for ghosts?

The Wainwright hotel, popular tourist stop and brunch destination, showcased here in this photo is at Heritage park in Calgary and is a replica of the original. The original happens to be in the town i grew up in.

hey good guess...Wainwright.

" I do" have a lifetime of memories

The Wainwright hotel was established in 1908 and was the focal point and social scene of the town. Its elegant decor and furnishings along with features like phones in every room ( i know, right) attracted doctors, newcomers wanting to settle, nearby farmers, and traveling theatre troupes.

to be a fly on the wall those nights....

the one you see here from our photo shoot now attracts visitors from around the globe and is also a sought after venue for weddings and special events.

Final stop: Calgary

It was fun traveling down memory lane through the lens of a camera and in such a creative capacity. Seeing these images took me back to my hometown as a child growing up and all the great memories of small town prairie life. The original hotel back home was destroyed in a fire in 1929, so when in my time growing up and living there ( its primary existence is a drinking establishment ) was not the original, but Heritage park recreated it in Calgary in 1968 based on photographs and archives.

"I do" have some very funny memories of nights out at the local Wainwright hotel (obviously after i was of legal age)

oh to be a fly on the wall those nights....

"I do" if you do...

A kissing booth you say? don't mind if "I do"

man i love what "I do"



PS. did you count the number of times i said "Ido"

drop me a line and tell me, theres a special something in it for you, if you do!

images: Tara Whittaker photography

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