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Apostle Boutique: fine jewellery creative shoot

Updated: Jan 28, 2020

Unique. inclusive. uncomplicated.

I rarely turn down an opportunity to do editorial work. its such a soul filling and creative outlet to do what i love in a different setting. It pushes my creative boundaries by challenging ways to help create editorial images. Sometimes it means changing the model’s hair look five times in quick succession to flow with the wardrobe changes, such as the case in this shoot.

We worked with elements such as weather ( high winds this day) and time parameters

it also about story telling through images and hair isn't the main event, but more a collaborative effort and working with a team to create an end result.

About Apostle Boutique

Apostle Boutique is a celebration of uniqueness and authenticity.

This includes what you wear. It’s about making a statement that is unequivocally and wholly you.

Based in Calgary, Alberta, a finely-curated collection of classic, refined and exceptional jewelry from designers around the world, with a targeted focus on Canadian talent.

There is simply beautiful jewelry matched with uncomplicated and personal service.

From the moment you start shopping to the moment you receive your jewelry, the experience will be extraordinary.

examples of how each piece fits in real life, because, after all, you should wear what you love - and love what you wear.

This shoot was a way to showcase Alayne's Apostle Boutique beautifully crafted jewellery, as well the collaborative effort a group of Calgary (all) female artists and entrepreneurs achieved, in a fun and relaxed environment and yielded such great results.

Even with the gale force winds that day, our models hair held up enough to capture some great images.

I hope you check out Apostle as well, what all these women and their unique businesses have to offer.

Thank you to everyone involved, and the opportunity's like this one i was given to showcase what it is i do, and love.

Special thanks for making this all come together

Crabapple clothing

Model: Jenn Tait

Here's the Intsagram handles for everyone:








And a special shout out to say Thank you so much ladies for making this all come together- it was so wonderful to work with each of you!



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