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What happens in Vegas....

first of all, get your mind out of the gutter its not that kind of post.

i have so many people ask me what happens at these "so called" hair shows...i say "so called" because there are skeptics who seem to think this is an excuse to hit the strip ...


2019's first educational journey last week was full on. 3 days of amazing educational platforms from trending hairstyles and looks for 2019 to hair color must-haves and tips and tricks in between. there is something for stylist colorists business owners and last but not least was the coveted class on social media in our industry. 65 artists from around the world over 40 different break out classes over 2 days covering cutting coloring balayage styling designing.

With that, i will leave you with a visual teaser and if you want more, by all means book your appointment or consultation and lets chat :)



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