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DEEP END: R& CO product spotlight


The season is upon us. season of dry brittle hair.

yes we are looking for extra moisture but its not all about slathering oil and hoping for the best. Ive heard it all - coconut oil, olive oil and yes even vo5 oil( are you trying to hurt me)

lets not mess around. There's no need to feel greasy, and it’s still not enough to rescue severely dry hair on its own.

The trick is balance. finding a balanced product like ATLANTIS from R+Co.

It’s infused with a trio of nourishing botanicals:

witch hazel , rosemary and nettle. these super nourishing ingredients moisturize and combat frizz, detangle and soften hair, as well is continually restorative.

An added side dish of this lightweight formula is that its doesn't leave your hair hanging...limp that is.

Lend your locks a helping hand this season with this super-hydrating combination.

Ideal for dry, damaged, or color-treated hair, it will leave your ‘do smooth and happily hydrated.

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