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It started with this yummy bouquet of fresh imports care of one of my awesome clients- who happens to be a florist.

we had a vision for this creative shoot with wedding season upon us, and it included working with crown flower pieces. i let Lisa do her thing in terms of flower,color selection and particulars as i always feel we should let the experts do what they do best. there are times when my micro-managing skills fall to the wayside

always yielding better results...ALWAYS

and look at the bucket of color. so nice to see this much color in the dead (no pun intended) of winter. With a brief tutorial, Lisa left me to the task of making our own crown headpieces. so here's how it came in the beginning.......from this

to this........

and this.....

but i digress

meet my model Alora

my sunday studio..aka the living room

yes even the dang dog wanted in on this one

having little skills in the make up dept, somehow there is captured proof i can put lipstick on

this mane of hair was such a pleasure to work with. i gave it some mad texture alternating my curling iron and flat iron. it allowed me to play and manipulate the hair into 3 different styles and flower arrangements.

reworking both the models hair and the flowers were a great way to show how fun, relatively easy and versatile ways you can turn a bucket of flowers into beautiful accessories.

some great DIY inspo came out of this for the grad or bride looking for options for their special day

thanks to:

Lisa Boyd-flowers

Michelle Gier photography- for all the fun and games and her eye for capturing beautiful things.

so excited to see the images of our fun day

stay tuned....



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