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I recently had the pleasure to take my film/stage hair skills behind the scenes for Calgary opera's production of Tchaikovsky's Eugene Onoegin. a modern twist on a classic made for a visually attractive and compelling account of Russian romanticism.

romance. revenge. remorse. elements of this powerful story-line.

strong arias. beautiful music.

we thought ladies of today were a lot of upkeep some of the styles of the are 1810's-1825

i'm pretty sure id not have finished hair school almost 30 years ago had my instructors seen me with a pin in my mouth.

our room with a view- backstage - where wig magic happened

this trio enjoyed the opera as much backstage (lots of laughs, learning bad Russian words, flying bobby pins) as it was by the audience no doubt.

and there's a peek into behind the scenes for you.... stay tuned for next time.

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