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Creative. inspiring. humorous. genuine. talented. humorous (yes thats in there twice as its well worth noting)

words like these would be an accurate (nothing if not modest ) generalization of me when i'm with my clients colleagues, or my " inner" circle. my people

Ive spent almost 3 decades working in front of a mirror helping clients see through to the other know, that side where their own beauty and strengths bring forth a level of comfort with ones own gifts from mother nature.

Well let me tell you ...all bets are off when the tables are turned!

this photoshoot was a feat of strength to say the least..and i falied


i am not comfortable in front of cameras or mirrors for that matter...go figure?

so when my dear friend and photographer who i adore working with, came to me with an image she was chasing...well of course i jumped on board

"theres a catch" she says...

i want you to be the model. and no styling for you. find someone else

F**K THAT i believe were my words. then decided i needed to pull on my big girl panties and be a better role model.

miserable. difficult. belligerent. nuisance.

those would be the words to describe me by all involved. bless my ladies for being so supportive of me while i morphed into such a different person. the complete lack of control over hair and make up( and well ....everything for that matter) was just the tip of the iceberg. the level of discomfort was astounding. almost physically painful

i touch people for a living for god sakes and yet was like a caged rat when being touched in that setting

whew knew.

without boring the story with the growth and development that has come since- because of feeling so uncomfortable in my own skin, i will leave you with some images

Michelle still managed to grab a mood, a feeling and best of all got to finally utilize that gorgeous vintage cap in a creative manner

thanks so much for everyone involved,


hair and make up: Shea Brown of the Hair studio-okotoks

photographer: Michelle Gier of Michelle Gier photography

model: moi

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